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Tips For Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile can serve as great digital curriculum vitae. Business people and business will be taken seriously when you have a good online reputation. Your reputation should be represented in an organized and a professional manner on the social networks. These are some of the tips which will ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to the expected standards.

Uploading a headshot

Statistics have shown that individuals who have included a photo on their LinkedIn profile receive more profile views and messages. You should avoid missing out on the potential connections and business by uploading your headshot. LinkedIn is one f the leading professional networks. You should, therefore, make sure that your photo conveys approachability and professionalism. Social and personal images should be avoided. This is a site meant for doing business but not for engaging your friends.

Listing your current employment

Some people use their LinkedIn profile as their digital curriculum vitae. If you are among these people, then you should allow the users understand what you do, whom you are and your current position. This means that you should include your company name, your title, and the and how long you have been in our current position. Users who have “up to date” positions will be discovered more in searches by recruiters and members as compared to those who do not update their profile.

Adding your location

Adding your current place of residence will help professional and businesses in your locality to find you. You might find someone in your area that is looking for someone having the knowledge and skills you have. Your location is one of the vital pieces of information which you should never forget to include in your profile.

Having a regular update of your skills

This will help the users to understand who you are and your field of specialization. Your profile should have an updated listof the skills you have acquired. In fact, according to Linkedln users who have more than five or more skills which are listed in their profiles receive more messages than the other Linkedln users.


Including a summary

This might seem to be one of the most daunting and longest tasks. You should take this opportunity in talking about your professional story. You should also include some of the basic ideas in summary. These ideas include your professional experience, your basic information, the goals you hope to attain, and your interests. This can be done by using a single paragraph.